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Current Projects

To guide our business, we established a set of strategic principles: discover and develop a large pipeline in parallel; undertake sustained and long-term investment in technology creation; accelerate learning; integrate across critical parts of the value chain; and forward invest in capabilities and infrastructure.

We apply these principles to critical capital allocation decisions.

SMART Inductio Food Machine

SMART Induction Food Machine

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A Korean multi-functional cooker, suitable for cooking a wide variety of convenience food using water as the heating medium. Addressing issues of space-constraints, this table-top size plug and play machine runs on 220V AC. More benefits include its easy installation with minimal to none re-configuration required once installed. Perfect for places requiring convenient and ready-to-eat meal solutions with cooking times of approximately 3~5 mins

The special bar-code on the induction trays are unique to the type of food it comes with. Each bar-code has already in place specific cooking times that are adjusted to optimally cook each respective type of food product. This facilitates convenience in the entire automation process. The unique bar-codes also act as an identifying function to properly manage consumption count for inventory control.

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Digital Transformation for Coffee Shop Chains and Cafe Groups

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The owner of a home-grown coffee shop chain has ambitions to grow its business in Singapore over the next few years and needed to assess its existing business in order to plan the road ahead. Transforming its digital capabilities would play a big role in this expansion, enabling it to improve the customer experience, equip its food store operators with digital sales tools and become more efficient using automation and straight-through processes.


With a proven approach and assets specifically designed for the food court industry, our highly skilled team was able to help the client plot its digital transformation and achieve its business goals.

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Portable Multi-Waste Digestor

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Turn your Waste into Profit.

Biochamp, a subsidiary of the Interchamp Group was established in February 2019 with the mission to redefine the environmental industry and user behavior towards waste management through the provision of our Multi-Waste Digestor: a simple-to-operate, accelerated aerobic composting machine capable of turning waste products to marketable organic fertilizers or animal feeds.


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