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Interchamp was incorporated in Singapore in 2004 and it has since grown into a group of entities dealing with the trading and distribution of food and beverage products. Equipped with a vast array of distribution networks in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, Interchamp is also constantly seeking out innovative products and solutions to value add to existing ecosystems. Since 2017, Interchamp took a step into the sustainability industry, offering a different perspective to existing environmental solutions.

We take pride in our deep insight and domain expertise accumulated over 2 decades and currently run a business portfolio encompassing food distributions, logistic process redesigning, environmental sustainability developments, and waste management solutions, thus accounting for the entire food value chain.


Through our innovation, we have cemented our leadership position as the industry's global solution provider to secure privileged access from HORECA, to organized retail sectors as well as greenfield investments. We are becoming an increasingly critical component in our customers' digital transformation journey with our expertise in securing knowledge assets and access, application credentials, and customization in the development pipeline. Through these, we have achieved significant success in our partners' respective ecosystems and have significantly enhanced the efficiency, productivity, and consistency of their sales and marketing engine.

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